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Diane Troost/ Hudsonville, MI
Holly Bringman Olszewski
I have used both your Selestial laundry soap and Selestial Stain Spray cleaner. Both worked very well. Things I love about your soap: (1) It pours like water , not syrup so you don't get that slimy mess in the measuring cup (cover), (2) My wash machine smells great--have had a musty smell in it and this product seemed to help eliminate that smell (3) That suds scum that can settle on the clothes was eliminated! I hope to do horse blankets when we are finished with them for the year. And my daughter's paintball clothes have not made it back from the locker where she stores them after playing...they will be a great test for the Outdoor Extreme laundry soap. Thanks for all the information on your products. I will be using them from now on!
Totally loving your products. Selestial Soap & and the color safe bleach Selestial Sun took out stains even the other detergents wouldn't! I love the product and have picked it up at my local Oleson's store. Thank you for giving me a budget friendly green laundry detergent!/ Rachelle White Yay! We love the concentrate refill!

Cary Van Spronsen/Grand Rapids, MI

Selestial Soap Natural Laundry products are made in Traverse City, MI. That's what we use here at Salon Verve! And we love it! I am already a super supporter! I love the stuff! For anyone who hasn't tried it yet...You gotta try it! You'll love it! Also try Selestial Sun their green, non-chlorine bleach. It took out a stain from my daughter's pants that I have been trying to get out for over six months!!!!
Tammy Tucker/Cascade, MI
I cannot tell you how many people have told me that they are now using your products after seeing them here. It seems that people are starting to connect healthy- diet, healthy-environment, & healthy-lifestyle with improved health. Thanks for allowing me to showcase your products! Cheers!
Pamela Zinn/Holistic Nutrition Center Holland, MI
I washed with "Soft Bottoms" detergent and softening rinse yesterday. My diapers are so soft and smell clean. I hope this stuff keeps working this good!
Jennifer Rubin Holland, MI Customer Of Eco-Buns
I washed my ENTIRE stash with "Soft Bottoms" and just like you said the bubbles (soapy-ness) stopped! I need more detergent! My stash is soft and fluffy and doesn't have that stink anymore! Plus it got the residual tomato sauce off the diaper (spaghetti stains). Thanks! Deanna Kraak/Holland, MI/ Customer Of Eco-Buns We LOVE using cloth diapers! And "Soft Bottoms" has been great for them!
Amanda Perry
I use all your Selestial products and LOVE them! "Soft Bottoms" is all I use on my cloth diapers and they are always clean-even on vacation with completely different water quality. Tricia Crosby Shanahan Your laundry soap is so great. I just had the septic pumped and the guy couldn't believe how well it was functioning. He told me if it keeps working and I use the same soap I shouldn't have to pump it for another 10 years ,if then. The bacteria is working so well after 6 yrs it had less than a foot of actual sludge to pump. Incredible since before using Selestial soap I had to pump it every 3 years. Thank You for your products.