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Why We Are... Who We Are.

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Selestial was founded in 2008 with a simple vision: to create sustainable non-toxic products that work great and save money.

Ruth Smith, Founder - "I was living the 'green life' before green was cool. I had to because some of my children suffered from severe skin allergies. The only 'green washed' off-the-shelf options were expensive and ineffective, so I made my own. This lifestyle turned into my passion. I then received formal training in herbology and homeopathy, so creating totally natural and effective products became part of my DNA. I am so blessed to be formulating revolutionary and safe-cleaning goodness for you."

Stephen Ezell, CEO - "I love 'the good fight'. I'm a passionate entrepreneur, philanthropist, and sustainable living enthusiast. Years back I became sick and tired of the toxic cleaning junk in my home and wanted to do something about it. Through some divinely orchestrated events in 2012, I met Ruth, joined Selestial, and BOOM, disruptive green-chemical solutions are flying out the door to markets, hotels and homes everywhere."

Fast forward a couple years. We were pondering how can we really impact the world we travel. Cost of packaging and distribution is ever growing. The chem-lab giants occupy the land with multi-billion dollar brainwashing campaigns and the amount of waste this industry generates is staggering. This needed to change!

Someone once said “Necessity is the Mother of Invention” and MYGREENFILLS.COM is born! Now we can save people money, get their stuff clean, simplify their lives, and do so using nature; hence our tagline: Save. Simple. Smart.


We realize that our products are unorthodox. They don’t look, smell or feel like the conventional chemical goop that you're used to. We will get your stuff clean without the slimy-suds-makers, brighteners, dyes and perfumes that we are conditioned to use.

We could certainly add that gobbledygook into our products and that may make folks happy because that’s what they are used to. BUT WE WON’T! If it is not safe enough for us to put on our children, we will not put it on yours! If you want your clothes to emit the floral bouquet of a synthetically derived pharmacopeia to trick you into thinking your bloomers are clean, then please do not buy our products. We will not compromise our values to make money.

We all lead busy lives. Why waste another minute jug lugging heavy and expensive laundry products from the market to the trunk, up and down the stairs to just throw them away and start over? Let us lighten your load!

If you want to save money, simplify your life and eliminate the gobbledygook from your laundry room, then let’s do it together.

We believe in you… Believe with us!!!

Love your Selestial Family!

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